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Model Making

Updated: Apr 26

Making Architectural Scale Models was not this prevalent a century ago.But ever since the enhancement of technology has took place, an architectural model, depending on the purpose a model can be made using a variety of materials including blocks, paper and wood and at a variety of scales.

An architectural model is a physical representation of a structure built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.

Model Makers take immense pride in the creative service they offer to professionals like architect, planners, interior designers, urban designers, industrial scale models and the likes.

They believe in total commitment to the timing and finishing aspects of their service.

* Models are physical representation of the architects creativity.

* Models provide a more clear and broader view of how would the creation turn out to look in the near future

* Models are what you perceive with your senses as the future manifestation of your creation

* Models act as a medium between the creative professionals and the clients

The question is how?

Well,the answer to this is, models convey all of that, that a creative professional would otherwise find it difficult to make a client understand.

We are specialized in all kinds of models like

Architecture Model Makers

Building Model Makers

Landscape Models

Interior Design Models

Miniature Models

Industrial scale models

Machinery Models

Professional Models

3d printing service

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